As an author, entrepreneur, working mother, woman of faith, and food and nutrition expert, I can connect with audiences on many levels. While I speak on the topics of deliberate living, food, faith and purpose, all of my talks dip into the unifying undercurrent of tapping into a richer way of living, no matter where we are in life. I combine practical takeaways with inspiring stories to keep audiences at the edge of their seats and the conversation reverberating long after I’ve stepped off the stage.

  • Donna del Rey, Owner - Relish Culinary
    Donna del Rey, Owner - Relish Culinary - Lia is an incredibly engaging leader and our classes are always delighted with her. She manages to strike a balance between stretching people's boundaries while keeping it simple, which means people walk away inspired and enthusiastic rather than overwhelmed.

  • Circe Sher, Partner - Hotel Healdsburg/h2hotel
    Circe Sher, Partner - Hotel Healdsburg/h2hotel - Lia has a great teaching style and really makes healthy eating and cooking accessible. Everyone who joined the class we hosted for the Wellness Weekend was extremely pleased with all the information and easy tips we took home.

  • Jaclyn Smoczynski, Program Director - National MS Society
    Jaclyn Smoczynski, Program Director - National MS Society - Working with Lia Huber was such a pleasure. She presents a well-structured and exciting class that informs, engages and inspires students. Lia makes healthy cooking manageable for people of all abilities.


HERE’S a taste of the topics I speak on


DELIBERATE LIVING/BALANCE — In today’s world of constant distraction, it’s easy to slip into overwhelm. In my talk on living deliberately, I offer down-to-earth practices for living richly on a daily basis, wrapped in inspiring stories of my own blunders and triumphs.

FOOD/HEALTH — Food is central to everyone’s life; we all have to eat several times a day. The way we eat has a ripple effect on our health, our productivity, and the way we “show up” in the world, making it an important subject to tackle not just individually, but corporately. In my “Pebble of the Plate” talk — on the ripple effect of our food choices on our bodies, environment, and future — I eschew dry “nutrition speak” and bring the principles to life with stories and illustrations that motivate the crowd and make the learnings stick.

FAITH — Our daily actions — including how we eat — have a profound impact on our spiritual lives, both internal and how we serve the world. In my “Nurturing Our Spiritual Soil” talk, I offer simple practices and inspiring stories that will nurture our spiritual soil and allow the root of God’s word and will to take hold.

PURPOSEFUL PURSUITS — My road–like so many entrepreneurs with a purpose–has been a rocky one. Yet there was something to learn at each step. My talk on calling and purpose is less about specific business practices (although I can weave those in), and more about helping the audience find their calling, inspiring them to stay the course, and giving encouragement that they are making a difference.

  • Jacintha Gomes - Sr. Compensation & Benefits Analyst at Alere, Inc.
    Jacintha Gomes - Sr. Compensation & Benefits Analyst at Alere, Inc. - Everyone was engaged in the presentation, asked questions, saw how the dish was prepared and also got a taste of it. When employees are using their senses they understand better, remember better and also get excited to try it themselves. I’m proof … that weekend I made a Kale dish for my family!”

  • Liz Pheteplace, Director of Women's Ministries at Eastern Hills Community Church
    Liz Pheteplace, Director of Women's Ministries at Eastern Hills Community Church - We invited Lia to be the keynote speaker for our Nourish women’s event, which drew 140 women, eager to learn how to nourish themselves in their daily walk with God. Lia passionately spoke about how to nurture our spiritual soil, giving three strategies and encouraging the women to pick one to work on over the next month. Our women walked away with their cups filled and encouraged to take tangible, daily steps in their faith. Lia was personable and warm and a delight to work with!

  • Jan Stanley, Private Client
    Jan Stanley, Private Client - Lia brings great enthusiasm and creativity to her classes. She creates a warm, inviting atmosphere and effortlessly gets everyone involved. I would recommend Lia for any group whether it is friends, family or coworkers.